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A Shadow's Trail, episode 1 is a single-player stealth action-adventure video game.

A group of ninjas, equipped with scrolls, are assigned on a mission to gather intelligence for their clan leader.

Along the way, a member of the group, a messenger, ends up dying allowing a scroll—unintentionally—to be revealed. Once read something dark and disturbing grows unsettling with the remaining group. One of the ninjas in particular gains access to the other scrolls learning about the terrifying chain of events leading to the messenger’s death.

As the remaining scrolls get read by this same ninja, another shocking piece of the puzzle falls into place; and a web of intrigue slowly unravels.

And then the final scroll is read.

The one that reveals the entire horrifying truth of the mission itself.


A Shadow’s Trail, episode 1 is being created by a few game developers. The plan is to get a publisher involved so the game can be finished and released via PC and gaming consoles.

Publishers and or Venture Capitalists that are interested please contact us: at

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