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Defense mechanics

Takashi (player protagonist with katana) and Pocha-Pocha (ally ninja with the staff).

So many things we are testing in this video: sound effects and particles when weapons collide as the player is blocking, hit reaction animation when the player takes a hit from the staff, and stamina depletion (green bar) as Pocha-Pocha is attacking Takashi.

If you take a closer look, Takashi's block defense is eventually broken, as the green bar gets depleted leaving him open; something you need to watch...

More to add as we are adding to this functionality. I hope you all enjoy. God Bless.


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First of all, thank you for sharing this content with the audience.🙂 While watching the Defence mechanics test video, I felt that the spark particles are a bit exaggerated. I believe that reducing the explosion distance and adding some randomness to the particle generation would help give it a more natural feel. I have some experience in creating VFX in Unity, though it's basic, to be honest... I've done some spark effects, so I have a brief understanding of how it works.

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Thank you Jhonat for viewing the video along your comment. We for sure are going to pay heed to this. And thank you for subscribing as well. Please spread the word and thank you.

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