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Development Diary: Quick Turn #1

A Shadow’s Trail, episode 1 will rely heavily on stealth. To mandate this emphasis even further we are NOT going to include the player to lock-on/target onto enemies. Adding a target/lock-on will exploit the player to just aggressively engage with enemies causing the game to feel like another action/adventure—a theme we want to avoid.

It's common in many melee action-adventures if the player is engaging with multiple enemies, the player can just target/lock-on. We do have a soft target mechanic that allows players to target the closest enemy next to him. Everything with this was going fine until we realized if enemies were behind the player, and if the player noticed that, using the right analog stick to just rotate the camera was a slow process causing the player to be defenseless if attacked. Very frustrating!

The team went back to the drawing board and wondered if we should use a target/lock-on system to just lock-on to nearby targets? Nope! We remain committed to the theme, and realized if the player needs to quickly turn around, we should give them that option. This gave birth to quick turning. The implementation worked out perfectly. Thank you for reading and watching. Please leave any thoughts below. Thank you.


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